Monday, September 12, 2011

September 7, 2011 Letter

Another great week down in Hamilton!  We had a sweet picnic for the entire Cincy north stake at the park on Monday where we played soccer for preparation day and ate some great grub.  Yesterday I didn't get to write because we were up in Columbus all day for Zone Leader Council.  Then by the time that was over with we had appointments we were in a hurry to get back to.  Then this morning we had Zone meeting where we trained the zone on the things we learned at ZL Council.  We've had a lot of meetings lately.  I'll be honest, I kind of just want to get out and go back to work and seeing miracles and not talk about them so much. It sounds like everyone had a great week at the cabin.  I talk about the cabin with Elder Ballard all of the time.  He is big into the outdoors so we are always talking about things like that.  It's interesting how much more excited I am to fish and do outdoor things than I was before. You kind of take it for granted until you don't have it anymore.  The little ones seem to be doing Well great! They are definitely the life of the party aren't they? Ash and Linds are both getting so close to having 2 more; it's crazy how fast that flew by! It's going to be so weird for me to come back to all of the people.  Unfortunately having a comp that is going home, we still talk about it a lot because he is looking for my advice and comfort to accept that it's happening and it forces me to ponder how I'll feel.  It's no big deal though because I'm content with where I am.  I love the people of The Ohio.  This place has my heart and I think it always will to be honest.  The fondest memories of my life thus far have taken place here and I'm forever indebted to the Lord for every day that I got to struggle, complain, work, laugh, love, and see miracles here.  I'm glad I still have 6 months left to give my will to the Savior. We are so busy right now, it's great!  Teaching, Teaching, Teaching!!!  With all of the investigators that we have, it makes it hard to choose which ones to talk about in the time we have to write.  We are teaching the Cunningham family now.  They should be getting baptized sometime next month without a doubt.   Pat Thomin is doing awesome and she is going to get baptized now on the 24th for sure.  Kimmy is getting baptized this Saturday at 4.  We had a cool experience with the Cole family.  They are struggling mightily with smoking so they will not be able to be baptized until we know for sure they can quit.  I don't know if I told you about Jake the older son.  He is only 13 and he already has been in rehab for drug abuse.  His real father used drugs and actually gave them to his son and got him hooked on them at like 11 years old.  Can you believe that?  Well, his dad actually committed suicide this past week.  When we went over to their house Jake wanted nothing to do with us at first, but we just started talking to him and asking him about his dad, what types of things they liked to do for fun together, what his best memories of him are, we taught him the plan of salvation and he realized he needed to make changes in his life and not take the path his father took.  He said his dad had an obsession with California and that he had planned on taking Jake out there to live someday when he turned 18.  He loved everything about California and I don't know why really.  As he was talking, he looked down at some Burger King coupons that were advertising the California Whopper for sale.  He started crying and said his dad would have loved that and he would have loved to go eat one with him. After the lesson we went to BK and bought him a Cali Whopper and knocked on his door and handed it to him.  He just started balling and came and gave us a big hug.  It was pretty amazing because this is one hardened kid and his barriers all tumbled down from one act of kindness.  I don't think he knows what it's like to be loved by people sincerely.  It made a huge difference.  Another cool experience was when we were searching out some part member families to teach we were having a hard time contacting anyone and after one particular door with no answer we felt promptings from the spirit to walk down that street.  Well sure enough a block down there was a lady sitting on her porch reading. We approached her and started talking and were able to introduce her to the Gospel.  She said she is a recovered drug user, and she has been looking for a church for a while.  She was Presbyterian growing up, but never felt like it was the right thing.  We set up a return appointment and we came back the next day and she had already read 12 chapters in the Book of Mormon and had a lot of great questions.  She was really sincere and said she wants to know if it's true.  Her only concern is that she wouldn't fit in with her past.  So we will resolve that by bringing Brother Terry Thomin along, the recent convert with the tattoo sleeves and rough exterior to show her that anyone can change and the Lord doesn't care who she's been.  All he wants is for her to change her future.  There are so many miracles happening in Hamilton and I love it! The Spirit is being poured out upon this place; it's the most ghetto place in the mission, but thriving right now.  Well second or third most ghetto besides Over the Rhine and Price Hill.  The members trust us a lot and they just keep working with us and helping us find people to teach, mix that with the people we find from personal contacting and its one blessed place!  So as far as training the missionaries goes, I love it haha.  Elder Ballard and I just talk for about two minutes on what we want to cover then go in there and follow the Spirit.  It works out pretty darn good!  We tried to make it fun for our zone today by doing a DOCTRINE OF CHRIST trivia game.  Whoever answered the question right got a chance to shoot a free throw if they made it they got a fun sized candy bar. It was a fun little game just to lighten things up a bit.  Then we went in there and trained and practiced teaching and the meeting was a success. I would love to be a Gospel Doctrine teacher when I get home.  It's the funnest part about church.  Getting to learn and then teaching the things you learn about.College football sounds like fun! Boise State is solid! Wahoo! They are always so dominate.  They will probably go undefeated this year because no one expects it!  I sure hope so!  Also, the NFL is starting huh?  That's awesome!  Can't wait for the Raiders to start up, even though I'll probably be let down again,that's okay. I live for the first couple of weeks when there is still hope until they are crushed!  Well family, I gotta get going.  Lots of work to be done today!  We are going on exchanges with the District Leader and his comp in Fairfield so we have got to meet up with them asap!  I love you all and I'll write you again on Monday since there are no meetings or holidays!  Have a great week and be safe!
Elder Ingy

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