Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 19, 2011 Letter

Hey Family!
Well it's been a good week here in Hamilton like always. We are still gettin a lot done and Pat is still set for baptism this upcoming week. We had a sweet lesson with the Cunningham family last week. Although they are struggling with Joseph Smith being a prophet. It is such a different concept to them and they are well versed in the Bible so it's a change. If they will read the Book of Mormon and put Moroni's promise to the test they will receive an answer so really it's not so much of a concern as it is a waiting process. Only a matter of time. Eric and Brittany Davis are an interesting case. They have wanted to be baptized for a month now. Problem is they are unmarried have a newborn and are SCRAPING the bottom of the barrel financially. Eric works hard long hours, but only enough to put a roof over their head. They don't want to get married until he can get her a ring. Haha. I can't complain because that idea is what keeps our family in business, but at the same time it's the only thing holding them back from baptism. He only is looking at a cheap 400 dollar ring. For them that is through the roof cost though. He is saving tiny bit by tiny bit, but there is just no way he'll be able to pay for it anytime soon. He said if they can get the ring taken care of they will get married because they have wanted to forever anyways. The church can do a wedding practically for free, but we are looking to do some kind of fundraiser to make this ring thing happen. Being a missionary is a lot more than just being a teacher, I swear it's like being a marriage and financial counselor too. Anyways, we are working through that. We are getting ready to start teaching a few new people this week as well that have a lot of promise. The Schleight family as well as Doug Martin. Both member referrals. We rarely have to tract here which after Northern Kentucky all the time I spent in the heat on that bike and knocking doors I'm super appreciative with that concept! Nothing too exciting has happened though, just the everyday grind of being a missionary, the good and the tough. So I have been thinking. I talked to a missionary who is going home in January and he told me that the spring semester for BYU-I starts April 19.  I've prayed about this and think that I don't want to wait until fall to go to school. I'll get too bored with that much down time. So, I was thinking maybe I can go to school starting in April that way I will be busy after that first month and I could just live at home for that semester. Commute to class and set up my schedule for Monday through Thursday earlier in the morning. That way I can come home and go to the store and work for the rest of the day and on weekends I'll have all day to work.  I think living at home for that first bit would be a good idea just because I would like to be close to you all and have fun with the fam, but at the same time I want to be busy and have an institute class I can go to and a singles ward to go to on Sunday for church. Going back to the home ward for too long just doesn't sound all that appealing to be honest. I don't know anyone there and I'm at an age where I don't fit in there. So let me know what you think and if your okay with that start applying for that whenever you feel ya need to start. Stinking raiders, haha. They really screw things up don't they. I just had one of the missionaries who I knew that is home now send me an email and I open it up and it was the highlights of the Raiders game hahahaha. That little idiot! He knew I love the raiders and he knows I can't resist when it's right in front of my nose. I'm gonna write him back and give him an ear full hahaha. So anyways I saw a that they lost at the last second and it about made me tear up... They DO THIS EVERY YEAR! AHHH! They look like they are at least improving offensively though so that is good news. So College football season is in full swing. Sounds like that's all going good for BSU. Ill be honest dad I'd say I miss NFL more than college as well. College is the same teams every year, stinkin Oklahoma and Alabama and it gets old. GO BSU! How is Dyl doing? Is it starting to set in that he'll be leaving soon! He better not leave tell later in march or april i want to see that kid! Logan wrote me an email and told me he'll have a whole line of ladies waiting for me to date them by the time I get home. I'm holding him to it haha! He better not be selfish and forget about helping those people still out serving the Lord. Just kidding! lol. Anyways I really loved that scripture you talked about dad, Also that movie sounds awesome about the pioneers! Can't wait to see it. It's hard being on a mission in the states. Everywhere you go people are always watching movies when you show up and of course when we start the lesson we ask to turn the TV off, but at the same time it's hard because you don't want to be rude right off the bat and tell them to turn in off and deep down of course you want to see it so i get all these sneak previews of these movies that are apparently a year old that I haven't seen and it just kills ya inside haha. You see 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there of movies, your in restaurants you see highlights, your in stores and on the streets and you hear music. That is what is hard about the states. Foreign a lot of those temptations are taken completely away from you and your whole culture is different. That is what makes going foreign so hard, but I've found stateside is tough for me because Midwest is basketball and football central and without fail if it's Saturday wherever you go people are watching games and they don't want to turn them off so what do ya do? All these things you love are just waved in front of your face. I try avoiding those situations completely. See even as a missionary Satan finds ways to tempt you.  So it's not that the thing itself is wrong, it becomes wrong because we've been asked not to do it and we're breaking a promise. Well Family I love you all so much and hope that everything goes great! I miss you all and want you to know that your the best and I think about you every single day! Have an excellent week and be safe. Love ya!
Elder Ingy

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