Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 12th, 2011 Letter

It's been a good week here in Hamilton as always. I don't think you can really have a BAD week on a mission. Some are rougher than others, but I get to feel the Spirit testify to me every single day of the truth and it helps to keep a smile on your face. Have you ever seen the DVD "Special Witnesses of Christ"? If not I would encourage you to get it. I saw it for the first time yesterday after church at a members home and I was absolutely blown away. We really do have living Apostles and Prophets on the Earth. What a blessing! I was thinking yesterday and I know this is far off in the future.... Just a thought though, if at all possible you should look into getting tickets for one of the Sunday sessions of General Conference for April when I get home. It's 2 weeks after I get back and I would really love to go see it in person if at all possible.
Anyway, here are the highlights of this past week.....
We were able to teach Jessie again... We brought brother Thomin with us and she felt more comfortable with everything, only bad part was she has been really sick this past week and was unable to come to church, but she has read more from the Book of Mormon and she will come this next week I think!
Next news is Kimmy's baptism went smoothly. She is awesome! The family was great too and it worked out really well because Sister RUIZ gave us a referal to go and visit her sister. She said she trusted us and felt we were the missionaries who could help her sister realzie the truth. That felt good to hear that members of the ward are trusting us with friends and family to teach because they know that we are capable and responsible.
We got to teach the Cunningham family on saturday!!! It was awesome! They have been so prepared. We gave them a baptismal date for October 15 and they accepted without hesitation. They do drink coffee so we will have to clear that up, but everything else doctorinely and socially they are converted to the church already! We have another lesson with them tonight. They have a great family, Jennifer (Mom) is so nice. She makes us cookies every time we go over there for a lesson haha! It's so awesome even though I don't really need cookies cuz im on 6 months to sexy. Oh well! They're great.
Pat Thomin is doing well! She was at church again yesterday and is all set for baptism on the 24th of September. She knows it's true and has seen the change the Gospel brought upon her son and his family and wants to be a part of it.
Eric and Brittany are still struggling with smoking, but want to set a baptismal date for October. They said they know it's all true and that they need to get married, quit smoking, and be baptized so we are gonna set a goal for that to happen.
The Cole family is really struggling. Since the death we have only gotten to see them the one time. We are praying for them and trying all we can to stay in contact.
We found a couple of new investigators. Jason and Jenny Tobkin. They are newly weds, just graduated from OSU and are living with Jason's parents. They are extremly active in ther church and strong Christian, but he has grown up around LDS families and feels the love at the church. He even went to seminary a couple times in high school so he feels it's only right to read the Book of Mormon and give it a shot! We see them again on Wednesday!
New things are on the horizon for this week as well.. New investigators as well as a RAIDERS VICTORY tonight!!!!! So seems like it's gonna be another exceptional week! Well family I better get going, but I love you all so much and appreciate you more and more every single day that I'm away. You really are the best family in the world! Have a safe week! I'll talk to ya again soon!
Elder Ingy

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