Monday, September 5, 2011

Letter From August 30th

Hello Family from the best place on earth, THE OHIO!
It was one of the those days yesterday where I am soaring on a spiritual high. We got to go up to Columbus and listen for 4 hours to Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the 1st q of the 70. He is the most amazing man I've ever met besides the apostle I was able to meet last year of course. haha. He talked to us about agency a lot. How we fought to have 100% agency. We received that gift and with it comes another gift. 100% responsibility for every choice we make. We talked about all the ways that we justify and make excuses. blame and complain, get offended by the truth because we aren't living it. All of these things that EVERYONE struggles with and it was the most revelatory experience I have EVER had in my life. Hands down I felt like we were in the presence of angels yesterday.  This gospel is perfect and it is the only real truth that we have anymore. So we have to hold on to it with everything we have. I'm privileged to be a missionary. It's a roller coaster of a ride a lot of the time I'll be honest. It's the hardest thing I'll ever do, but it's the truth and I promise I will always strive to live it. The week of work has been awesome. We went and visited a part member family who is active, but for some reason their 9 year old daughter hasn't been baptized. She is the cutest little girl. She cracks me up and we asked her if we could teach her and she said yes. Already have taught her twice and she is getting baptized on the 10th of September. It's not like it's quite the same as finding a 20 year old with no background in the church, but a soul is a soul even at 9 and she still needs to make the covenants.  I'm glad I get to be one of the missionaries that helps her take a step of courage. We are teaching Tons of people right now! All with major addictions, mostly smoking, but all have a desire to be baptized. It's just about helping them overcome it right? Eric and Brittany are the first. They know it's true, they want to be baptized, they are in the process of quitting smoking, and they are also saving money to get married here soon. Pat is another investigator.  She is the mother of Terry, a man who is a recent convert. His family was baptized about a month ago and they are strong and active. He is tatooed up from head to toe, talk about the miracle of the atonement! Anyway, Pat is super interested and we have her on date for the 17th of September. She is the first person we found since I've been here. We are teaching a family also, Terry, Carolyn, and Noah (son).  We put them all on date for the 24th for baptism. Gave them a tour of the chapel yesterday. They also believe it is all true, but need a little more strength as they have been lifetime smokers and are really struggling quitting! Smoking is the plauging sin of the Ohio without a doubt. EVERYONE SMOKES! Aubrey is a 26 year old girl that just got out of rehab for perscription drug addiction and she is looking for something in her life now. We taught her the first 3 lessons already and she is shooting to be baptized on the 24th as well, but she needs again to QUIT SMOKING! AHHH!!!  Jennifers boyfriend is being hostile and we havent gotten to see her at all lately.... really stinks! We are praying for her. Also we are getting ready to start teaching a family of 4 this week and a man named Lenny from New York. Our fingers are crossed. ALL of these investigators are member referrals! DO YOU SEE WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYIN ALL ALONG? Tracting is not NEAR as effective. It's all about getting the ward excited about missionary work. If they are prepared to be missionaries, the Lord will bless the area, because he has to trust his children with the ward in all honesty, not with us. I still tract though because after the RICHIE miracle I want to find another like him, even though he is the coolest dude I've ever met so it's not possible. Im writing both Richie and Robbie a letter today just to let them know I'm thinkin of them and I love em! I wanna see how Bryson and Harrison (Robbie's kids) are doing at school after their first week as well! That's about all that is new here. Life is going smooth haha! Zone Conference was good. I love training other missionaries because it means I get to teach more and it's my favorite thing to do! Talkin about the gospel is the best! Ill keep the Raiders in my prayers! haha. I got all the letters and packages dont worry! Everything is good. "Make it fast, Im roaming bahhahahah!!! It's hilarious.  HAPPY BDAY AVERS! I love you! I love and miss you all, but I'm happy to be a missionary as usual! Thanks for everything. Tell the Primary thank you for the package they sent me as well!!!! I love you all have a great week! God bless you all!
Elder Ingy

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