Sunday, December 4, 2011

November 28, 2011 Letter

Sounds like everyone had an amazing thanksgiving! Im glad mom didn't really get ran over by a reindeer!!!! Don't worry Avers I woulda cried to if I woulda saw that on the tv! Your a champ! That must have been fun over at the G parents! Lots of cousins were still there like you said!! Im glad Dylan is excited about his mission call. I gotta say that you just can't really understand how great it is to go stateside until your out here. Sure you don't learn a language, but think how lucky I am... I can go back to my mission pretty often if I want to. It's almost like a second home out here. This place owns half of my heart so i don't wanna have to leave it and never come back. As far as Im concerned I was born in Cincinnatti. ha. This is where my life really began! I can't get over though how awesome it's gonna be to see all the little nieces and nephews here soon! Like you said though dad there is tons left for me to do. Rob was definently right before I left when he said as soon as you get down to about 2 transfers left it's a lot tougher to focus, but I feel great today, I feel ready to go out and see lots of sweet miracles and I don't think it will be a problem. Heck 3 months basically for the rest of my life! ha well that is until I go on a senior couple mission. Mom and Dad you should totally do it! It's the sweetest gig ever the way they have it set up! You don't go out and tract or do any of that either, it's more like office work almost like being a receptionist for the mission for you ma and for dad he would be put in charge of all the mission finances or the cars or apartments just things like that, but your always around awesome missionaries and get to hear all the miracles and be at zone conferences and all that good stuff. Plus you get to watch tv when your done for the day if you want! YES! Serve the Lord by day, ESPN by night! GREATEST THING EVER!!! ALRIGHT! Plus you get to choose where you go basically so you could go to like washington d.c. or florida, california, south carolina, new york, ohio, wherever you would want. Even australlia! Anyways I think im getting a little over anxious about that but just something you should think about. So what a great week! The Tarvins were at church again and are so close to baptism. They don't have a date, but they said they just need a little more time because they both want to finish the Book of Mormon all the way before they do it, They are already in Alma in like 2 weeks so should be soon! We recently reactivated a 17 year old named Eric Michaels. Hadnt been to church since he was a little kid, but we started teaching him and he has come the past 2 weeks. He loves it and he is tearing apart the Book of Mormon right now. He is so fired up he has starting talking to his friends and we are teaching one named Scott Sawyer who came to church yesterday and flat out said "I love it, I guess Im a mormon now" Then we had a lesson after church and he asked us if he could be baptized haha. Baptismal date December 17th!!! OH YEAH!!! The Coles, Cunninghams, Pat, and Kimmy are all doing awesome. All coming to church every week and the Cunninghams feed us dinner like 2 times a week! She is always making us crock pots full of food and sending them home with us! It's awesome! Im doing alot better with my weight this winter though. im doing lots of pushups and using the "bender ball" every morning and Im down to about 183 still. if i can set up shop right around 178 ill be feeling good. That'll mean i didn't gain any weight on the mission! We have been out just finding our butts off every day. Contacting lots of referals, tracting, seeing former investigators and trying to re light a spark, working with inactives and asking for referrals from them. We didn't have any success all week even though we were working hard and then Sunday came and Scott shows up to church! BADA BING BADA BOOM HE"S SWIMMIN WIT THA FISHES! That was so awesome! Found out Richie is still doing awesome! Comes every week! still 1st counselor in teacher's quorumn. He made the freshman basketball team at boone county high. I told him when he is a senior im gonna come back and watch one of his varsity games!  So guess what? For our Christmas Devo on December 12 guess who is coming? SHAWN BRADLEY IS IN THE HOUSE! all 7 feet 6 inches of him is coming to talk to us! How cool?  Pres, Nilsen and him are like best friends back home. Also P Nilly ( Pres. Nilsen) (little nickname I made up for him) is flying out Cafe Rio for the entire mission! HA! Sweet Pork Burritos and Salad will be in my belly come december 12th! It's gonna be great! Im super excited. The Lord has blessed me so much these past 2 years. Wow! This is just the icing on the cake. We are gonna go out this week and work our butts off. The Lord will lead us to a few more prepared people and it's gonna be epic! Hey family you have a great week alright. We are going downtown Cincy to get some pics and stuff again today. As far as gift cards go ma I was thinking Chilis for starters, That is the most important place. Also like subway is good. applebees. Pretty much anything you can think of they have our here where im at!  You guys are the best! Your gonna love the chirstmas card we make this year it's gonna be pretty funny. We had a great idea that some resources we have are gonna help us out with! Love you be safe. Ma Im getting on today and writing those essays and all that. I want to apply to BYU_I as well as BYU Provo for summer semester just to see what happens I really feel like i need to. See lindseys email i wrote for more details why. I think its the same application and you just click that you want to apply to both byu and byu i im pretty sure. Have an amazing week!
Elder Ingy

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