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November 21, 2011 Letter

Apparently I forgot to post this letter so sorry it's a little out of order.  I am really behind but I am working to get caught up again.

Hey Greatest Family EVER!
Im glad you got the video this morning! That is great. haha she started filming us last night at dinner and then she asked for your email to send it and i was like oh mom is going to love this! lol. So in the spirit of thanksgiving I want to share with you guys a little poem that I wrote yesterday while I was taking the sacrament. I was reflecting alot on my life and about (funny you bring this up today in your letter dad) the pre earth life and things that were said about it in my patriarchal blessing. I spent only about 15 minutes on this so it's nothing great, but it potrays the thoughts i have for my savior and I want you all to know how much I am grateful for him and for my heavenly father.
His Mercy Extended to Pay my debt
My sins of the past the Father now forgets
There is nothing that I've done, which merits such grace
Yet for atleast one drop I know he saw my face
Why would he suffer for someone weak like me?
Please remove this cup was his only solemn plea
Still the will of Father was his truest pure desire
and with each and every stripe we all are lifted higher
The Devil, his angels, Damnation opposed
Despite the opposition to the occasion he arose
The Father's perfect plan pointed to this sacrifice
Oh my brother, lord, and savior, holy one, jesus christ
Though my sins be like scarlet, they may be white like wool
I will give place no more....For the enemy of my soul.
That is what I am most grateful for this thanksgiving season and because a prophet counciled us never to neglect the father I could also say without the father we would never have had a savior. So I am most grateful for loving heavenly parents. They allowed me to have the best earthly parents, and family that I could ever ask for. It's a blessing to be a missionary and know the gospel is true for myself. That knowledge is priceless, and it's the greatest gift I have ever been given. It's been a great week. Companionship problems are still a little rocky. I have tried to just do what I was doing last transfer and just accept that I am part of the problem and It's only a short period of time so there is no need to stress about it. He really is a great guy and a great missionary. He is having problems at home as well, his dad is really seriously sick and it's making him even more edgy and I think he just takes that out on me sometimes, but understandably enough. I would most likely be the same way. I am here to help him with his trials he is going through not make them worse so im trying my best to do that. The work is amazing! Carolyn and Noah were baptized saturday!!! I will send you a picture of it this week. It was a really great experience to see it! WoW! Noah was just beamin and Carolyn was too she came up to me after and said that she knew the lord sent me to her to help her overcome her addciton and she loved me for that. Nothing feels better in life than to here those words. Not even winning a state championship or scoring 40 points in a game could even come close. The Raiders Super Bowl is even on a complete lower level than that. The Tarvins are doing great! They are coming to the bishops tonight for family home evening and are very close to being baptized I can feel that for sure. Judy Rimroth is amazing! She said she knows the Book of Mormon is true and Jospeh Smith is a prophet and she accepted a baptismal date for Dec. 24 ( christmas eve obviously ha) We put it off in the future a little bit even though she is ready, because idealy we want her husband mike to be baptized with her and he hasn't gotten his answers that he is looking for from the spirit he says so we will keep working with him! hamilton is just a great area I couldn't be more blessed. The work is fun! That is the best part. Dylan coming out EAST!!! YAH!! That's so sweet. I wouldn't trade my stateside mission to the ohio for anything in the entire world! He will love it in New York. you baptize alot more out here than you would going foreign anyways. People are so prepared and what better place to preach the gospel than in the same places the prophet joseph preached. There is a special spirit in Ohio, New York, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania. All of these places have so much church history and you know the prophets and apostels of the early church walked on these same grounds. God and Chirst were aware enough of new york that they appeared there together which you can't say that about anywhere else aside from the apostle stephen that is basically the only account we have of them both appearing. It must be a pretty sacred place. Man Im so happy for him! Best decision he will ever make and couldn't think of a sweeter place (besides Ohio) to go! lol. Congrats! Love ya dyl! Youre the man! So im running really low on time today, but I love you all so much. I got the letters and I loved them and Ma Im gonna try extra hard to get that stuff done. I just honestly have no time to do it on the computer so i will have to hand write it. If i don't get accepted till the fall so be it. It's in the hands of the lord anyhow. Ill be on the track that he feels will be most beneficial to me when im going to one of his schools. Ill try my best to get it back to you soon though k? I love you so much and thanks for all you do! Im happy that the family is growing so much and i think about how much of a blast it's gonna be to see my nephews and nieces and sisters and parents and cousins quite often. Almost enough to get me slightly trunky then i slap myself in the face and remember to finish strong and remember how important this work is.. Finally i just wanna send off by saying GO RAIDERS!!!! Life just couldn't get any better! HA! Yes. Love you all. Have a great week.
Elder Ingy

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