Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 14, 2011 Letter

Ingy Fam!!!!  Congrats Ash Pash AND Dru. Maddox is gonna be a baller I can already tell from the picture! YES! haha. Man Im anxious to meet all of these new family members!
Well, The baptism for Kara was great this weekend! The Coles due to smoking are moved to this Saturday. Carolyn got it down to one cigarette a day, but she just couldn't get over that hump with a week to spare before the baptism so we moved it back a week. She has completely quit for the past week though and is doing great. They are very excited for the baptism! The Tarvin family I told you about came to church! They are SOOO SOLID. All 5 of the family members came and absolutely loved it. Brooke being the baptist she is was a little hard headed about it all at first, but she has completely softened ever since we taught the plan of salvation and since she has been reading and they are completely on board. We are extending to the whole family for the 17th of December on Tuesday. They are all open about the fact that baptism is the main goal. They just want to ensure that everything is right. Which the spirit is telling them that it is and satan is just making them second guess themselves. It happens to everyone, but Im sure they will be baptized very soon. How awesome is that! An entire family getting baptized again! WOW. The Lord is on the move here and it truly is reminding me of a lot of stories you read about the Book of Mormon where the Lord has sent many angels to prepare the hearts on his children in a specific area, then he sends the missionaries he needs to be there and the work explodes. That's all that is happening I can't stress enough that it really has nothing to do with us. The Lord is at work and the faith of the members is making all the difference. This ward wants a new church building and they are gonna get it here very soon at this rate. I could never complain about serving in Hamilton! It's the best ward in the mission! I love it. So Ill tell you something that will really throw you for a loop! Transfers came and Elder Cannon and I are still together, but we got a called by president and because our area is doing so well he gave us a special assignment to serve with a 3rd companion for this transfer. Guess who that companion is????? Elder Pearson haha. My comp. from Northern Kentucky. It is so weird having 3 of us everywhere. Ill be honest Elder Pearson was a struggle to get him to want to do much work, but we got along great personality wise and it was a breath of fresh air, because cannon and my personality differences are starting to come out lately and there has been to much contention. He is just so numbers oriented, he makes a bigger deal about finding new investigators than he does about baptizing the ones we already have. We are clashing quite a bit, but im just praying for charity and trying to swallow my pride and be humble enough to let him be the senior zone leader even though i don't necessarily agree with alot of the things he does. He gets upset with me because i don't like to make robotic lesson plans for investigators, all i feel like we need to do is have a general direction and commitment that we are teaching towards and other than that i like to go in there and listen to what they are saying and follow the Spirit accordingly. Preach my gospel says it best when they say "TEACH PPL NOT LESSONS" "Think not what you should say beforehand" i believe is what it says in doctrine and covenants. He is very organized, structured, and has to be in control of every situation and leading every situation, not to mention adds rules to the white handbook because it's his own opinion .. well then theres me and Im not saying im right and he's wrong, but either way we are completely opposite and I don't care much for structure, struggle with organization, and don't care about how we do things so long as the end result is what the Lord would want it to be. It's taken every ounce of energy that i have to try my hardest to just follow the white handbook and I work at it every day and he thinks we need to be going above that. I just want to say listen Elder, there is already enough rules, you don't get brownie points in heaven for doing this, all it's doing is driving the Spirit away because of contention. Sorry as you can see Im getting extremely impatient right now and Im praying like crazy for the strength not to explode and so far i haven't thank goodness, but i gotta get this off my chest sometime so you get to hear it. Does anyone have any advice for me in this situation? If it's criticism so be it, I probably need to hear that so go for it, Im open to anything haha.  Alright I feel better now. It's crazy serving with Pearson though and it's nice to have someone to talk with about mountains, and fishing, and basketball. ha. Really everything all around is great though. Milton is still doing amazing. Progressing very quickly and already knows it's true, we are really just working to help him overcome his addiction. He is fun to teach because he has so much energy about him and just laughs about everything. It's great. Mike and Judy were out of town this week so we didn't see them. We tracted in to a new couple named Roger and Shiela Bailey that are very prepared, we go back to teach them this week as well. The first lesson went great with em and they ordered a Book of Mormon couple years back and no one ever delivered it so they are very open to reading it now obviously. That's really about all that's new here. Life still keeps on keepin on. Time is still flying for now. Hope everyone has a great. week. I love you all so much and even though it's been FOREVER it feels like since i've seen you guys I still love you more than ever and reflect on the blessing it is to be apart of this family every single day! Be safe, healthy and Happy!
Elder ingy

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