Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 7, 2011 Letter

Hey Everyone!
It was a pretty decent week here in Hamilton. Too many darn meetings though haha. With Halloween we didn't get to work all day, Tuesday we had zone leader council up in Columbus and we were gone ALL Day and into the evening, then Wednesday we went to Oxford, oh (Miami University) the crazy place I told you about at the start of my mission and blitzed the area and went tracting there all day to try and find the sisters there some new investigators because they haven't been doing squat all transfer. We knocked on the about 100 houses right there by campus with all the college students. A couple of them were hilarious they all had names painted on each house. There was one named BOOS CLUES, also LIVE< LAUGH< CHUG<, then there was MENACE TO SOBRIETY, and some other ones that were too colorful to even mention haha. Elder Cannon and I were like, well who knows if we will find anyone, but atleast we will have some funny memories. We found one new person for them to teach and talked to alot of college students it was fun. Haha we could barely even open our eyes without seeing an attractive girl and Im pretty sure in the 5 hours we were tracting we said "LOCK YOUR HEART ELDER" to eachother over 50 times. It was unreal!. lol. It blows my mind how someone could ever go for a girl on their mission, we were talking about it while we were walking, just like "man how stupid could you be, of course it's a temptation, but NOTHING is worth throwing your enitre mission away for. You have to not have a brain to give in to that no matter how pretty a girl may be. That's just stupid. I kept saying to elder cannon "Man I didn't give 20 months of my life to the Lord to get excomunnicated today, it's not even an option." It's crazy the world we live in. It scares me to death. Out here is so different than back home. Don't get me wrong there is tons that goes on back home, but here people have no sense of what's right or wrong and ANYTHING GOES. There is no line that they draw, I guess BYU_Idaho is having it's line drawn a little further back, but there is still a line. Its just nuts! Phew. I'd never survive going to college out here. If I was stuck out here without being a missionary you could just chalk me up for the Telestial kingdom. lol. Thank goodness for the saints migrating west. 17 miracles saved my life as much as it did theirs.  So needless to say we didn't have quite as much get done this weekend, but we are still looking forward to the baptism for Kara Saturday, it's all good to go, and pending smoking Carolyn and Noah Cole are going to get baptized Saturday also. We should have 3 people getting baptized it's awesome! We are super excited miracles keep happening here! We are still working with Milton, still working with Mike and Judy, they came to church again sunday. Saturday night the ward did a movie night and watched 17 miracles in the gym on a projector. We got to go watch it! It's the best and I think Mike and Judy really softened a lot after it. It definitely had a huge impact on them! We are teaching Josh Stubbs still, they came to 17 miracles as well temporal circumstances are making it hard for them to commit to baptism though for now. We are teaching another family named the Tarvin family! They are solid! Husband, wife, a son and daughter both of age to be baptized and a couple of younger kids. It's David and Brooke Tarvin are the parents. We got refereed to them from They ordered a couple of Book of Mormons and are so prepared. He recognized after years of writing the church off that the Book of Mormon is still standing, the church is growing, and the hatred and opposition towards the church is stronger and stronger. He had a pastor who was constantly sending out emails about the Mormons being a cult and all sorts of other anti stuff and it intrigued him to give it a fair shot and find out for himself. We had the ultimate Tad R.Callister lesson with him about the Book of Mormon and how it's from either God or the devil. There is no middle ground. Joseph Smith didn't give us the option to say it teaches good things, but it's not scripture. It claims to be the word of God and it either is or its a complete fraud. We then read some scriptures with them from the Book of Mormon about coming unto Christ and being perfected in him and asked.. "Who does that sentence sound like it comes from?" We then read in 3 nephi 18 about praying always lest satan desireth to have you that he may sift you as wheat... we after that read a scriputre in matthew about how satan can't cast out satan or else he would be a kindgom divided against himself.... We asked the Tarvins do you think satan was capable of inspiring someone to write about prayer and coming closer to Christ? They were really excited to read more about it and take it to the Lord in prayer for a confirmation, but they want to meet with us 2 times a week and from the looks of it they are going to progress really quickly. There sincerity was through the roof. Everything in the work keeps going well. Elder Cannon and I really do work well together, we have alot of disagreements about how to go about doing the work but that is to be expected. The only complaint I could ever say is that reading 5 pages of the new testament every night at 1130 is supposed to build unity and all it is doing is putting a wedge between us because I'm getting up at 630 and exercising hard as a i can for 45 minutes lately and im too tired to be staying up that late. Oh well. Only 4 more months i can give it my all to finish off. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger right? So ash, We will see if im right about this whole thing! I bet that it will happen. ha! Other than that Paycen sounds like a stud. I can't wait to see him soon. Ma I already told you I don't want Christmas presents. First off I have NO ROOM for anything and Id rather just buy a few clothes and things to have for school when i get home as far as a phone and all that i want to pick that out on my own when i get home too and same with everything else ya know? I haven't been around it for a long time so i have to be able to go to the store and assess what is my best option. I really don't need anything at all. The best thing i could possibly think of is just gift cards to nice restaurants. That''s my favorite thing to do in the world anyways is eat so i might as well eat at nice places. Don't worry about it though. We could just celebrate Christmas and my birthday after i get home. I can't use anything out here anything so it just sits around and rots. I have too many clothes out here already that i need to send home haha. Just have fun there and don't worry about me for Christmas! I'm doing the Lords work and he takes care of his missionaries. I love the work and get to feel the Spirit every day and that is the best present Ive ever been given.  I love you guys so much though and i hope everyone has a great week and know that i pray for you all and think about you often, not too often, but often enough to still remember everything about you all! Your the best!" I know that my Redeemer lives, what comfort this sweet sentence gives...." talk about the best more true song ever written! Love Elder Ingy!

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