Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011 Letter

WOW! General Conference was absolutely amazing! I truly love the Prophet and the Apostles and all of the brethren. President Monson truly is a Prophet. I know that more surely now than I ever knew it before. I learned so much and am trying so hard to be a better missionary. I loved Elder Hollands talk. I was thinking to myself as I watched that there is no way that I could ever have lived with myself sitting through that if I had chosen not to go on a mission. I'm on the Lord's team. I may have scored a couple of points for satan in the past, but that's okay because I'm scoring a lot more for the Lord now and in the years to come so we will still win. I grew a greater love and appreciation for my family. The best family ever! The love that I feel for you all I can't even describe in words, it is incomparable to the love I feel to anyone else other than my Savior. My favorite talks besides Elder Holland's were Elder Callister's and Elder Christoffersen's and President Monson's that he gave in Priesthood. Also you're right Elder Uchtdorf gave a great talk in the Saturday morning session. They were all so good. The main things I took for this conference were.... It's better to look UP then DOWN. The importance of our relationship with Father in Heaven. How we all need to strengthen that more and more daily. I learned the power of prayer in missionary work is so profound. That nothing in this world aside from the Priesthood itself has more power than prayer. Elder D. Todd helped me in a lot of ways with his insights on apostate Christianity and it went along well with the a talk I've been studying by Joseph Fielding McCkonkie called HERE WE STAND. There are plenty of people who try to change and altar the Commandments of God. Sorry to say but those laws will never change. There are Korihor's and Nehors and Sherems who try to overthrow the Doctrine of Christ and preach the philosophies of man "mingled with scripture" It is so distorted and sad how strong of a hold satan has on the world today. As Latter Day Saints we have no obligation to agree and find common grounds with people of other faith. Ive learned that we have NO REASON to be ashamed of what we believe. Why would we be ashamed to have the truth? Do we believe it or don't we? If we do believe it then there is a PLACE where we should always stand.... It is a sacred place. A place where the heavens opened and the Father bore the most powerful testimony of the Son that has ever been spoken. In that place God reached out to a 14 year old boy who's mind was uncluttered and who's spirit was contrite. In that place The fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth and every other "creed and denominations are an abomination" It is because of what took place in the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York, in the year 1820 that we now have Prophets, Apostles, Temples, the Priesthood, and the ONLY true and living church upon the face of the whole earth! IF we truly believe that and I TRULY DO, then we shouldn't be ashamed of it. We look the world straight in the eye and say "HERE WE STAND" The gospel is true and the Book of Mormon is the convincing evidence that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph was a Prophet, and that the Plan of Salvation is real and is designed for our happiness. It is either true or it's utterly false as Elder Callister said. It can't be a good book, with good instruction for Christian living and be only that. IT's Scripture from God or it's the work of the devil. Of course it's the work of the Son..... Those were my insights from Conference! Now onto the work.. Elder Cannon is my new comp. From Bountiful UT. He is a GREAT GUY. He has probably made only 1 or 2 mistakes in his entire life, but he has an amazing testimony and works his butt off. It's fun. I don't have the same relationship with him as I had with Elder Ballard. We are much more serious and more focused. I love serving with missionaries who are 100 percent dedicated and won't stray from that determination because it keeps me focused and giving it my all as well. I'm really excited for the transfer and I guarantee miracles because we will work our tails off and follow the Spirit. We had some cool experiences finding already. We were able to set up appointments with about 5 new people for this week through knocking on doors and other methods. The Cunninghams loved Conference and they are going to be baptized October 22 just because we need time to teach them everything that is why it is moved back a couple of weeks. We are teaching a man named Lenny. He is from the Bronx and he is so sweet! He told me all about all the best hot dog stands in New York to go to if I ever visit.! He is the man. He has been to church and came to a ward party Friday night and I got to talk to him for about an hour about tons of things. From sports, to the Gospel, to his life and all he has been through. He grew up in Queens and has had a ROUGH LIFE. Been in and out of prison, divorced his wife and hasn't had any involvement with his daughter,  recovering addict of every kind of drug you can think of. Even Dealt drugs. He sounds terrible when you think about his past, but if you could meet him you would know his heart is pure. He has made Tons of mistakes but the Atonement is for sinners, not perfect people. He wants so badly to change and It's so cool to be the one to teach and help him. I feel super inadequate to relate to him, but at the same time I think he is one of those people that was very specific that the Lord needed me to be his instrument in teaching him. We are going to extend to him for baptism in November and we will keep you updated on the progress. Really just an all around amazing week with miracles still to come! Love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all that you do for me and know that I recognize it and appreciate my life and family everyday. Have a great week especially you Ash and Linds, keep going strong only a few weeks left! You can make it! I'm so stoked for Nephews! It's gonna be SAWEET!
Elder Ingy

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