Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oct 10, 2011 Letter

It was so good to here from you all this week! Wow. It sounds like things are changing so much at home it blows my mind. Haha. I can't even picture what it will be like. Elder Ballard wrote me an email today and he is hating life haha. He said that everyday all he thinks about is the mission and that the mantle of a misssionary has completely left and he is getting super depressed because of it. He isn't in school, has no job, and has no friends around close that still live in Inkom so he just sits around all day and he was having some really bad back problems this past few months on the mission, turns out he had 2 bulging discs so he has spent his first 10 days at home in a back brace. It's too bad that life is super rough on him like this.  One thing I learned after high school through trial and error is that when life changes you have to embrace it and be the best you can be or you will be miserable. So Linds isn't doing too well? I'm sorry to here that.... I hope you get feeling better sis and that the baby comes soon so you can just get all this pain over with. That way Avers can get her bum fix taken care of too by changing all of his diapers. lol. Ash hope the move goes well this week, wish I was there and could help you out because we all know that my biceps are just so enormous and it would make EVERYONE'S life a lot easier hahaha. just kiddin. So sorry I forgot to tell you about Elder Cannon's longevity on the mission or however you spell that. He goes home on April 21. The transfer after me. So he has been out only about 3 and a half weeks less then me, I just go home a couple weeks early so we have equal experience. We teach super awesome with the help of the Holy Ghost. Our lessons seem to be very powerful and we don't plan for them much, just talk about what we can to commit them to do and focus on then the rest we just each bring up a thought or personal story about a principle, bear our testimony, share a scripture and we each know the Book of Mormon well enough now that the other can just build off that idea and share a different scripture to support it and bear their testimony. It is really fun to teach with him. I can definitely feel the Holy Ghost helping us out. This past week we had 7 investigators at Sacrament Meeting so that was awesome! Cunninghams got interviewed for baptism and they are all set for Saturday at 7 pm!!! It's so amazing guys, the change that has taken place in them is so impressive. They received that witness that the Book of Mormon was from God and ever since then its been all gravy.... They bear us their testimony all of the time and they already are living the commandments even tithing so it's amazing. We told sister Cunningham she can go to the temple and do baptisms for her mother and father after she is baptized and she starting crying she was so happy! Brian has had the biggest change of heart as well come over him and he said the opening prayer in our last meeting and told us that he keeps having things reaffirm to him how true the Gospel is! It truly is a miracle! We found the most solid new investigator this week also.!  Husband and wife! The Rimroth family. We taught Judy on Wedenesday and oh my goodness her story is amazing. I'll try to summarize it quickly. She grew up in the Church of Christ because that is where her mom went, well her dad was Catholic and her mom died so after that she became Catholic and when she was in her 20's she was studying to become a nun. She said the Holy Ghost pulled her away from there and helped her realize that some things had been corrupted in that faith. So after she got married her and her husband went to Presbytarian Church and she was an Elder in that church for over 20 years! They have male and female Priesthold holders there if you are unfamiliar with the way it works and their whole church leadership is like a democracy, the congregation votes on who serves in what capacity. Well long story short her Pastor was corrupt and she found out so she was scarred and left the church and hadn't been back to church for about 5 years. Well then she got in a car accident and it caused her to have neck and back problems. Well she had to go to a chiropractor and her friend happened to go to a Dr. named Tommy Thompson who is a member of the church. She didn't know this when she started going to him, but Bro Thompson being the good missionary he is talked religion with her during her back adjustments and what not. Well one thing led to another and next thing you know she watched General Conference and she loved it so much that caused her to call us and set us an appointment for Wednesday. We taught the Restoration and she was absolutely blown away by it. Every thing we taught answered a question or a concern she previously had and she already accepted a baptismal commitment barring what she thinks about the Book of Mormon as she reads. Of course it's crucial to receive that witness, but she WANTS it all to be true and that is half the battle. Also her husband came home late from work,  but this week he is excited to sit in and hear about the Plan of Salvation. He watched Conference as well.  THEY ARE GOLDEN! I'm so happy about it. The Lord is really pouring out His soul on the Hamilton area! There have been 11 baptisms in the past 4 months here, and the Cunninghams will be 12, 13, 14, and 15. The ward had a goal of 5 baptisms the start of the year because last year they had 0 baptisms the ENTIRE YEAR! Well, now the goal has been changed to 20 by the end of the year and we ARE GOING TO REACH IT! Ha I love it. The miracles are just changing the way I see life and giving me so much joy. Elder Cannon is so dang obedient and hard working and I love him for it, because he really helps me be the best I can be and get the most out of each and everyday. I definitely have a testimony that blessings come from hard work and obedience. You can get by on you own skill for so long, but as you surrender you life to the Lord, you do truly find it as the scripture says and the blessings from Heaven are poured down upon you! Oh just on a funny note, we taught the the Cunninghams the Law of Chastity this week and Douglas the 11 year old was so grossed out because he hadn't ever had "THE TALK" yet and when his mom finally was like "Come on Douglas don't act so childish you always say you want another baby sister! Where do you think she will come from" in the funniest voice with the most distraught look on his face he says " I don't know mom! I honestly always thought there must be magical elves that make all of that happen!" I was busting up laughing practically rolling on the ground. You kinda had to be there to get the full effect, but boy was it hilarious! Anyways, I need to write Grandpa Bob a birthday card and also I'll keep Grandpa Adrian in my prayers as well as my to awesome sisters! By the way how are Rob and Dru doin these days? Alrighty well the raiders are the best as always to close just remember that because it will make your life a lot better when you just all accept that fact. Love you family! Have a great week in St. George paps! Mom go spend all of his money while he's gone please! The church is true!!!  Love you
Love Elder Ingy

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