Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letter from Oct 17th, 2011

Sorry this is so late.  I've been slacking a bit!!!

WOW what an amazing weekend! The Cunningham family was baptized! All 4 of them! It was the coolest experience of my mission thus far! Hands down! To see 1 by 1 all 4 go into the font and be baptized was just out of this world. The Spirit was so strong there and it was really cool because Brian's parents came down to watch the baptism and they came to Sacrament the next day for the Confirmations.  The are staunch Catholic and not really all for the whole Church of Jesus Christ thing.... Oh well, they had a good experience that they can't deny I know that. A lot of testimonies were born at the baptism about conversion stories (Our entire ward in Hamilton is converts basically) so there were a lot of touching stories that were told. Also in Sacrament Meeting there was a talk given about the Book of Mormon outlining Elder Callister's talk in Conference as well as a talk on personal revelation. It was really great for them to here those things. Couldn't of picked 2 better subjects myself. The Lord is on the move here in Hamilton. We had a great week. Found 3 more new investigators. Jennifer, Mike Rimroth (Judy's Husband) we officially taught as well as a girl named Kara Gabbard. She is an interesting case. We were looking through the area book at former investigators and I come across a name Molly Gabbard and I read about her first go around investigating. Well come to find out her parents are members and they go to the Fairfield Ward which goes to the same building as us but their church is just at 2pm ours is at 9 and then there is a Spanish branch that meets in between at 12. Anyways so Molly has a daughter (Kara) who LOVES the church. She goes to St. Josephs Catholic School, but even while she's at school in free time she reads the Book of Mormon and she wears a CTR band. She has gone to church with her grandparents to the Fairfield ward, but lives in Hamilton ward boundaries so she has just fallen through the cracks and people already thought she was a member in the Fairfield ward so missionaries have never taught her. I also think her mom was against her joining the Church for a long time. So we were on exchanges with the A.P.'s on Tuesday and we felt we needed to go visit Molly this former investigator. Turns out we made a good impression on her and even though she doesn't want to join the church we got to talk with her daughter and we started teaching her the following day. First lesson she started crying and we invited her to be baptized and she said YES! really emphatically. Her mom said it is your decision to make and we will support you in it! So she was basically just waiting for missionaries to come and baptize her for about the last year haha and they never showed up! Her mom has been softened and is okay with it now so it was really cool that the Lord just led us to her. She is getting baptized Next Saturday haha. How awesome is that! Things with the Rimroth family are going really well. The lesson on the Plan of Salvation was very guided by the Holy Ghost and I know that they felt the whisperings of the Spirit during the lesson. Judy said she has ALWAYS believed in a PRE-MORTAL LIFE as well as a degrees in heaven. It was really cool again to see how prepared she is. She will get baptized no doubt about it. Mike will too, he is really intriguied by it, obviously it goes against what he's always been taught so he has reservations, but he did feel the Spirit and was very agreeable for the most part. Had no big concerns. We didn't get to meet with Lenny this week. Things have been going rough for him with his wife again so hopefully this week. Eric and Britt have cut down their cigarettes from a pack each a day to Eric 2 cigs a day and Britt 5. They are really progressing alot and coming to church every week and have read 1 Nephi and half of 2 Nephi together. It's great. They are expressing more and more urgency about getting married soon too. Before Britt's mom dies and that is the realy big thing keeping them from baptism so once that happens they will do it! Things are just awesome guys! Elder Cannon is really fun to serve with. I'll admit the whole making me stay up till midnight every night so we can read 5 pages of the Book of Mormon as a companionship and planning for an hour on top of all the ZL stuff is starting to wear me down. 630 comes awful early and I have NO energy at all to excerise in the mornings. I literally feel like I've been hit by a train every morning ha but oh well, it puts hair on your chest! It's helping me have something I've never really had before and that is a lot better work ethic so it's a good thing as long as I don't get sick like I usually do when I have a lack of sleep for prolonged periods of time all we be okay. So that is awesome about Logan! Congrats to him! Im excited for him. When is that whole shindig going down? I assume it will probably be January so I'll barely miss it. Darn. Oh well. That's still great news! I told him he'd be hitched in a heartbeat. lol. The Raiders won again! Sweet! Did Cambell get injured seriously? That will really hurt them big time if he did! OHNO! 4-2 though that is awesome! The silver and black is back. Apparently Rob's 49ers are too! Dangit! ha I can't rub it in his face still As soon as the raiders improve so do the 9ers. Linds good luck with having your baby this week. Im pretty sure it will happen this week. Ash you are still atleast 3 weeks away. I just know these kind of things. Just don't name your kid Jimmer cuz that is what I'm naming my son! Alrighty fam I gotta get going. Thanks for all the support, testimonies, and love you send my way they really make a difference and I truly do have the best family ever. Tell grandpa's I say hello! I sent Grandpa Ingy Bob and card last friday so it should be there soon just wishing him a Happy Birthday. Have a great week guys! TUGGER I MISS YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!
Elder Ingy!!

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